Dr. John

A Few Extra Poems


Each of us is a minute piece
In the mass of humanity,
Each of us damaged.

Our goal should be,
As we stumble and bump
Along life’s journey

To stumble into and bump
Against one another
More gently

* * * * *

How easy it is
To forgive ourselves for inflicting hurt,
For inadvertently affecting lives forever.
How can we so blindly push forward
Never looking to see
The damage left in the wake
Of our relentless onward trek?

* * * * *

Little Girl Loved

Sung off key in your little girl voice
Rain, Rain, go away-and twinkle little star
Oh yes, my love, I wonder who YOU are
And who you will become

Five little monkeys who jump on the bed
Mamma calls the doctor, but your mamma's gone
Smoked her love for you away in a pipe
Drugs a bigger monster than any under a bed

A tiny spider climbs up a water spout
Your tiny legs climb everything in sight
Old McDonald had a farm
But Grandma's farm is now home